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Thursday, October 23, 2014

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Lewyn parses a paper that addresses the frequency of minimum density and similar regulations that "critics of smart growth often claim seek to 'force' density on Americans - we found that minimum density requirements are in fact quite rare." -- Saitta finds the remains of a 100-year-old striker's camp in "Nowheresville," Colorado, to be "a useful foil for discussing current intercultural urban planning and design." -- Stott delves into why China's president has called for an end to weird buildings that has "the potential to affect the landscape of architectural practice worldwide." -- Wainwright rounds up an amazing collection of "the most outlandish oddities that have appeared so far" in China (some familiar, some totally outta this world!). -- Altabe takes on McMansions "abasing themselves from Quogue to Queensland": these "castles in the air are back, clamoring for attention and annoying neighbors" (and bringing down architecture). -- UK planning experts head to China to offer advice on building sustainable cities and "the need to avoid Los Angeles-style sprawl." -- Betsky bemoans the demise of DS+R's "visionary and beautiful" Facsimile on the Moscone Convention Center façade: it "never worked the way it was intended," but it took on "big issues that take a big artwork" that few artists or architects are willing or able to take on. -- Libeskind has big plans for a condo complex in Boca Raton "ironically named after another architect with an extremely different design sensibility" (how could we resist a headline like "Mama Mizner!"). -- Grimshaw tapped to lead the team to design the almost billion-dollar expansion of Lima's international airport. -- The PWP/Rogers Partners competition-winning design for the National Mall's Constitution Gardens gets important thumbs-up's to move forward. -- Sarkis heads from Harvard to MIT as the 10th permanent dean of the School of Architecture and Planning. -- Kamin cheers Siza and H&deM taking home the inaugural Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize for two of the best built works in the Americas. -- SCAPE takes the $100,000 2014 Fuller Challenge with "Living Breakwaters." -- The Netherlands' oldest and largest prize, €40,000 Prix de Rome Architecture 2014, goes to van Milligen Bielke for her "radical and poetic intervention" for the Hoogstraat in Rotterdam. -- U.K.-based OS31 wins the competition to design a pop-up restaurant on a frozen river in Winnipeg. -- West Hollywood picks an Australian designer's submission for an AIDS Monument in the city's park (though several jurors would have preferred the design by a local). -- An interesting (and impressive) mix of international architects make the shortlist to expand the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney. -- Van Alen Institute and New Orleans Redevelopment Authority pick three finalist teams in Future Ground competition to develop strategies for reuse of vacant land in NOLA. -- 15 cities now in the running for the 2014 Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation. -- Miles of impressive names make the Icon Awards 2014 shortlist.


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