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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

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Wainwright gives (mostly) thumbs-up to the 2017 Stirling Prize shortlist, "from a cool crowdfunded pier and a giant hole in the ground, to a gloriously ungaudy pier and a Glasgow tower that thinks it's a town" (a "surprising omission" is H&deM's Tate Modern Switch House). -- Moore x 2: his take on the Stirling shortlist is none too kind: it "displays a woeful lack of adventure" - it "is, almost, a great one. But the collective effect is insipid" (and wither Switch House?). -- He ventures into the world of the "billion-dollar palaces" that put tech giants in the same league as "the bankers of the Italian Renaissance, the skyscraper-builders of the 20th century" (they have their critics). -- Walker wanders through - and up - the Wilshire Grand: it's a "missed opportunity" that "could have done so much more for L.A." (but the bar on the 73rd floor "is absolutely gorgeous"). -- Kamin uses Gang's 98-story Vista tower as a jumping-off point to discuss strategies to "steady ultrathin skyscrapers against the wind" - "blow-through floors" and "tuned liquid sloshing dampers" included. -- The fascinating tale of the National Public Housing Museum's long and complicated "journey home": "Ironically, its biggest challenge has been securing a home" (and organizers finally decided the hallways will not smell like urine). -- Halsband and Meltzer talk about how their transformation of "a relatively undistinguished building in Brooklyn has become an oft-copied symbol for a rapidly growing Jewish movement around the world." -- Durell Stone's gem of a "little museum on the prairie" in the center of Nebraska gets a fab rehab (fab vintage and new photos!). -- Misra parses Van Alen's "Justice in Design" initiative that "lays out design guidelines for community-based 'justice hubs' - jails that create positive effects inside and outside their walls." -- Eyefuls of Hollywood's 1931 John Anson Ford Amphitheatre, which got a Hollywood-style makeover, and is ready for its close-up. -- Keegan gives two thumbs-ups to Harboe's renovation of FLW's Unity Temple: "it now looks as good as the day it was dedicated in 1909." -- Permission is sought to demolish Ando's only U.K. building, a 2002 concrete pavilion in a Manchester park, so it can be replaced "with a much larger development" (seems like local folks won't mind seeing it bite the dust). -- Bernstein looks at how Tehrani "is literally shaping the future of architecture - as a designer working with deans and a dean working with designers." -- The technology that moves Japan's bullet trains could soon be moving elevators horizontally and diagonally; the challenge: devising "new safety codes around a technology that's so unlike the traditional elevator."

Winners all!
-- Eyefuls of the seven winners of the 2017 AIA/AAH Healthcare Design Awards (great presentation!). -- A shortlist of seven teams in the running to transform a 1933 Art Deco garage into the Citroën Cultural Centre, another Centre Pompidou outpost that would be the largest museum in Brussels.

-- Call for entries: Tiny House Design Competition 2017 (deadline looms!). -- Call for entries: Nka Foundation 5th Earth Architecture Competition: Design a Rural Arts Center for Senegal. -- Call for entries: Pape Bird Observation Tower in the Pape Nature Park, Latvia.


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