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Thursday, July 28, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: Tomorrow and Monday will be no-newsletter days. We'll be back Tuesday, August 2.

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Kamin et al. report on the pros and cons of Obama's pick of Chicago's Jackson Park for the presidential library: the site "is cloaked in a more powerful collection of assets" than Washington Park. -- How could we resist a report on the "surprises and staggering prices" at the Four Seasons auction, where most items sold "for several times their estimated value" (and one for nearly 20 times its estimate!). -- Hawthorne parses the Democratic Convention's stage set: "Homespun, blunt and direct. Not quite blue-collar, but stripped of airs" (unlike the Republicans'). -- Litt minces no words about what he thinks of the site - and design - for an outlet mall in Cleveland: it belongs next to a suburban freeway exit, not on the lakefront near the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. -- Eyefuls of Stanton Williams and Asif Khan's winning design for the new Museum of London at Smithfield market (spiraling escalators and a sunken garden included). -- Menking's Q&A with MoMA curator Stierli re: the future of the museum's architecture and design galleries: "abolishing" them "is not and never has been an issue under consideration" (they'll find a home somewhere in the new building). -- Ban proposed a museum for architectural models, et voilà! Tokyo now hosts a warehouse museum called Archi-Depot. -- A "guide to how architects charge for their services - it's a system that mystifies architects, too." -- New Federal rules re: overtime pay could "rattle" the architectural industry (no more exemptions for so-called "creative professionals"). -- Efforts by the Australian Institute of Architects to counter gender inequality are "not going unnoticed." -- Weekend diversions: -- "Small is Beautiful" is a new "moving feature-length documentary" that explores the tiny house movement. -- "Occupied," on view in Melbourne, "focuses on better housing with architect-designed projects." -- In "Wayward Eye" at the Venice Biennale, Denise Scott Brown's photos capture "the beauty and banality of cities" - "My view is urbanistic even if it's a teaspoon." -- Chan finds "Roberto Burle Marx: Brazilian Modernist" at NYC's Jewish Museum to be "a somewhat unprecedented tribute." -- Moore isn't much moved by Howard's "Architecture's Odd Couple: Frank Lloyd Wright and Philip Johnson": "the two never had a really fruitful interaction. Both might be called odd, but they weren't a couple." -- Rybczynski's "How Architecture Works" is a "combination of his experience, knowledge and insight without exaggeration and self-indulgence." -- In "The Anatomy of the Architectural Book," Tavares's "correlations and observations are stimulating and impactful." -- Two new tomes explore William Krisel and Midcentury Modernism in Palm Springs and environs.


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