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Thursday, October 30, 2014

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Massengale amasses the "Top 7 reasons behind the Shanghaiing of New York" ("Big Architecture" included). -- Heathcote harps on NYC's newest luxury high-rises that "highlight inequality": Developers are buying up air rights to "buy the skyline - and with it, the identity of New York" (one tower he deems as "impossibly emaciated"). -- The Australian Institute of Architects cheers the Victorian planning minister releasing previously "confidential reports on Melbourne tower proposals," but their "release will not give open slather to architectural critique as the reports are very technical and don't provide clear indications of what the building might look like" (though they will be useful in other regards). -- Wise wends his way through conflicting opinions about Piano's Harvard adventure, with some "voicing indignation that the revamped Fogg pays insufficient deference" to Corbu's Carpenter Center (but is really "a crime against humanity"!??!). -- Bentley gives us a look at DLR's planned transformation of a former British military barracks in Kenya for Kenyatta University in an effort "to stem the flow of young professionals out of the country" (a.k.a. brain-drain). -- Ten "industry leaders, mentors, and critics" pick their 10 favorite emerging designers (an interesting mix - and great presentations). -- An interesting take on the architecture of Nazi Germany: "in the architecture they left behind lies the same lessons inherent in all ruins: a reflection of culture, of occasional triumph, but inevitably also of downfall." -- Eyefuls of some impressive, some strange artwork by leading architects donated to Article 25's 10×10 Drawing the City fundraising auction (an interesting mix). -- The 2014 World Monuments Fund/Knoll Modernism Prize goes to those who spent two decades restoring Aalto's Viipuri Library. -- Call for entries: Boston Living with Water international competition for design solutions for a "more beautiful Boston adapted for climate conditions and rising sea levels."


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